William D. Schaeffer Environmental Award Nomination Procedures

Nominations due January 31, 2017.

Nomination Criteria
Eligible candidates will be judged on how their actions benefited the industry in the areas listed below. It is recommended that a candidate has demonstrated activity in a number of criteria, with significant accomplishments in at least one.

  • Education—increasing knowledge of environmental effects of materials and processes employed in printing operations to both the printing industry and regulatory agencies
    Example: Did the nominee conduct or participate in studies relating to printing or binding process?
  • Public Relations—promotion of a wholesome and active graphic communications image by addressing and mitigating regulatory and public concerns for the environmental impact of graphic communications operations
    Example: Did the nominee project a positive reputation by developing strong working relationships with regulatory agencies that had a positive impact for the entire subsegment of the industry?
  • Continuous Improvement—encouragement of better sustainable business practices and reduction of health hazards within the printing industry
    Example: Did the nominee develop environmental compliance programs or technology, or did the nominee promote new sustainability procedures designed to simultaneously protect the environment?
  • Compliance Assistance—industry assistance with EPA and OSHA regulations
    Example: Did the nominee effectively communicate requirements of new regulations?
  • Regulatory Issue Involvement—investments of time and/or personal or organizational resources that have benefited the industry in terms of cost savings, more reasonable regulations, improved community relations, and/or a more wholesome work environment
    Example: Did the nominee show dedication or direct resources toward improving regulatory requirements for the industry?
  • Pioneering Efforts—unique efforts or creation of an original sustainable development that contributed to healthier working conditions and improved environmental control
    Example: Did the nominee develop a system or product that reduced environmental or health hazards?

Nomination Instructions

  • Provide a detailed description of a candidate’s actions and results of their efforts as they specifically apply to the nomination criteria.
  • Supply a detailed biography and descriptions of accomplishments for the candidate. Past successful nominations focused on the results of a candidate’s efforts and how they benefited the industry rather than listing what the candidate had done.
  • Complete the nomination form.
  • Letters of support for the candidate are highly encouraged.
  • Submit all required and supplemental materials to:

Kayleigh Smith
Printing Industries of America
301 Brush Creek Road
Warrendale, PA 15086-7529
Email: ksmith (at) printing.org
Fax: 412-749-9890

If you have any questions, contact Kayleigh Smith at 412-259-1713 or ksmith (at) printing.org.

Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (updated 12/06/2016)